Kemper HallLaboratory for Embedded and Programmable Systems (LEPS) is home to our research group. We are part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis. Our main area of interest are domain-specific embedded computing systems that would enable high-impact novel applications. Such systems are expected to serve application domains with stringent requirements, such as realtime performance, long battery life and/or safety guarantees, that cannot be readily met with general-purpose computers. Embedded computing systems are widespread in our daily lives, and are integrated in many devices with which we interact on a routine basis, such as cell phones, cars, security cameras, wearable gadgets, and medical devices.

We are interested in different aspects of embedded system design ranging from novel architectures and applications to design and analysis methodologies. We take special interest in embedded software and programmable substrate because they provide flexibility and customization after fabrication. Programmability is beneficial in developing robust computing systems that can be reconfigured after deployment for reliable operation. This feature is particularly essential for mission-critical or expensive embedded systems.

Please check out our research projects to find out more about our current and past efforts. If you would like to learn more about technical details, you can refer to our publications or contact us.